What is the Micro Crusade?

More than just an uninspired play on words, the idea of the Micro Crusade is one of outlining what we can apply to our everyday lives. There are many bright thinkers who are ahead of the curve on deep analysis, and sharp journalists out there staying on top of media, news, and current events. The Micro Crusade is a little different. Deep theory is interesting, but not applicable to average folks. News journalism is good to stay abreast of, but can be overwhelming.

In the Medieval crusades, much of the crusader forces was made up of ordinary, everyday people who had taken up the cross of their own volition. Each was on his own personal journey of salvation and struggle, but was part of a greater whole traveling to the Holy Land. If you don’t like the way the world is going, you are like one of those ordinary crusaders, but these days we are without the camaraderie afforded to a real-world organisation. You are on your own micro crusade. The point of this substack is to give a bit of encouragement, some context, and advice where appropriate. Although every day we are each facing this task alone, we are part of a vast, decentralised network, which is a power in itself.

These articles will always be free. I have no interest in or need for monetising this substack, so once you subscribe you’re good forever.